Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an elaborate extended day treatment program or is it really school?

It’s really school. You will be registered for the classes you need to complete your SC High School graduation requirements.You will have live teachers for some subjects and online learning for others. The main difference between Hope Academy and your old high school is that the rest of the students are working to be sober, and they know what you are going through. The classes are small, so you will get a lot of individual attention. Many of the teachers have suffered with substance use disorders as well. Instead of peer pressure to use, you’ll have positive peer pressure to stay clean along with help from teachers who really get you.

How will I make friends?

The same way you always have. Hang out, do stuff together, talk. It’s just this time, you will have friends who also want to live substance-free lives and who get what you are going through. Plus, in a small school it is easier to get to know everyone. In addition to daily huddles, lunch times, and classes, you will be part of planning events in off-school hours. You will have FUN together, so that you can enjoy being abstinent!

How will I play sports or do other extracurriculars?

You can still participate in the sports, music, arts activities at the school you are zoned for—if they are healthy places for you to be. Or you can find private options.

What do we do for lunch?

Bring your own. We all take lunch at the same time. A fridge and microwave are provided.

What if I start using again?

We understand that slips and relapses are often part of the story of recovery. We will work with any student who works toward abstinence. Typically this involves being willing to take weekly drug screenings and developing a detailed relapse prevention plan. However, students who are unable to remain abstinent and create a danger for the sobriety of other students, may be asked to leave.

How will I explain to my friends what I’m doing?

Tell them you are going to a great new school and getting a fresh start at living the kind of life you want: free from the pressures to use and the consequences that come with it. Believe it or not, “recovery” is “in” because people admire people who do hard things; and recovery is hard.

Is this going to cost my parents a fortune?

No. Hope Academy is a public school. Tuition is free. It won’t cost them any more than to send you to your local high school.

What if I've been expelled?

Being expelled does not automatically prevent you from being admitted. Talk to us. We will handle each situation case by case.

What sort of schedule do you follow?

We go to school year-round. But don't let that scare you! We attend Monday through Thursday and have a three-day weekend every week as well as lots of holidays throughout the year. And let's face it, you don't need a lot of free time! Because we have six shorter sessions (vs. traditional semesters) regardless of when you start attended, it will be easier to catch up.

Here's what a typical day looks like during a core session.

A Typical Day at Hope Academy

9-9:30 Morning Check in
Students complete a form to track their progress and identify patterns of emotions and triggers and discuss with others as appropriate
9:30-10:30 Yoga/Reflection/Meditation
10:30-12:00 Math/Science Virtual Classes with academic support
12:15-1:30 Recovery Strategies and Lunch
Students and staff bring lunches and eat together followed by creative and engaging activities related to strengthening recovery.
1:30-3 English/Social Studies Virtual Classes with academic support
3-3:45 Afternoon Session
This time will be used in various ways depending on the day of the week to accomplish group and individual goals, including:
  • • Continuing work on academic goals as needed
  • • Fitness/Artistic activities
  • • Individual counseling or sessions with Recovery Coach
  • • Virtual elective classes as needed
  • • Additional group building activities
3:45-4 End of Day Circle

What is the dress code?

Basically, we ask you to be modest and wear clothing that is not distracting.

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