Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to attend Hope Academy?

As a public charter school, tuition is free just like your regular school district high school. Like those schools, however, there are fees for certain classes, materials, and special events. Most families should count on fees averaging $150 per student for basic course needs.

What grades does Hope Academy serve?

Grades 9-12.

What is a typical school day like?

A Typical Day at Hope Academy

9-9:30 Morning Check in
Students complete a form to track their progress and identify patterns of emotions and triggers and discuss with others as appropriate
9:30-10:30 Yoga/Reflection/Meditation
10:30-12:00 Math/Science Virtual Classes with academic support
12:15-1:30 Recovery Strategies and Lunch
Students and staff bring lunches and eat together followed by creative and engaging activities related to strengthening recovery.
1:30-3 English/Social Studies Virtual Classes with academic support
3-3:45 Afternoon Session
This time will be used in various ways depending on the day of the week to accomplish group and individual goals, including:
  • • Continuing work on academic goals as needed
  • • Fitness/Artistic activities
  • • Individual counseling or sessions with Recovery Coach
  • • Virtual elective classes as needed
  • • Additional group building activities
3:45-4 End of Day Circle

Why is Hope Academy a year-round school?

Being a year-round school makes it easier for us to offer rolling enrollment. We want to be available as soon after treatment as students are ready to get back to their education. We also hope replacing the long summer break with the routine of school and positive peer engagement will strengthen students' recovery and give them more opportunity to regain any academic ground they might have lost. A regular high school offers students the opportunity to gain 8 credits per year; by being a year-round school we offer 9-12.

How will Hope Academy help my student catch up from classes missed or failed?

Our small class size, individual tutoring, use of online classes, and year-round schedule make it possible for students get further faster... and our year-round schedule make it possible for students to get further more quickly. They can earn 11-13 credits per year at Hope Academy where they can only earn 6-8 credits in the traditional two-semester system.

Will my student get an official South Carolina High School Diploma when graduating from Hope Academy?

Yes. And a full graduation ceremony!

Will attending Hope Academy appear as a "black mark" on my student's academic record?

No. Students who attend recovery high schools have a much greater chance of actually completing high school and leaving with the skills necessary to succeed in college and remain substance-free. We will help your student write college applications and provide academic references so universities appreciate the positive work your student has done to prepare physically, emotionally, and academically for their college experience. In addition many universities --including USC and Clemson-- have active recovery programs that partner with Hope Academy. As colleges acknowledge the need for recovery support, they are offering sober dorms and sober student groups as part of the college experience. The experience of attending a recovery high school actually makes your student more attractive to some schools.

What is the enrollment deadline?

There is none. You can enroll your student at any time.

What's the teacher-student ratio at Hope Academy?

It varies from session to session as students come and go, but a typical class size is less than 10.

Will my student be prepared to go to college after attending Hope Academy?

Yes. In addition to having the basic academic credits, we run a "Future Focus" and "Senior Seminar" to ensure students develop a plan for the careers they think they want and have the recovery skills in place to achieve it. For students who seek a career requiring a college degree, they will prepare for the ACT to achieve the highest possible score, and they will actively pursue scholarships and apply for colleges that fit their career goals.

Will my student be prepared to go to work after attending Hope Academy?

Yes. In addition to having the basic academic credits, we run a "Future Focus" seminar to ensure students develop a plan for the careers they think they want.

How will my student get to school?

You will need to arrange transportation.

Is lunch provided?

No. Students need to bring their own lunch. A fridge and microwave are provided.

Do you offer sports or other extracurricular activities?

Not right now. If you determine it is in your student's best interest, you can sign him or her up for the sports, music, etc, activities at the school for which you are zoned.

What sort of access to technology do you have?

Hope Academy has a full computer lab and laptops for each student. Typical precautions are used to ensure safe computing.

Does my student have to attend treatment/rehab before attending Hope Academy?

No. For students who do not attend treatment, we offer an elective called “Basics of Recovery.” This will help them learn the science of addiction as well as proven recovery strategies.

Can my student enroll while still in outpatient treatment?

Yes! And we will work with the treatment provider to merge them into our program.

What if my student relapses or exhibits behaviors associated with using?

We understand that slips and relapses are often part of the story of recovery. We will work with any student who works toward abstinence. Typically this involves being willing to take weekly drug screenings and developing a detailed relapse prevention plan. However, students who are unable to remain abstinent and create a danger for the sobriety of other students, may be asked to leave.

What is the dress code?

Basically, we ask you to be modest and wear clothing that is not distracting.

What if I've been expelled?

Being expelled does not automatically prevent you from being admitted. Talk to us. We will handle each situation case by case.

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