2018 Priorities

As of June 2019, the Launch Team has three priorities.

Get our Charter School Application approved

editorial2How you can help…
A. Like us on Facebook. It shows community support.
B. Write a letter of support for us to include with the application. (Samples: Organizations | Individuals)
C. Help us find a cost-effective facility. We need a space with at least four classrooms, an office, and large meeting space for 40 people at one time. Access to a kitchen would be great. Contact us with ideas. Identifying the facility has a major impact on the financial plans and marketing strategies that have to be included in the application.

Raise $100,000 by December 2018

editorial2 Hope Academy will be a public school with free tuition. Even though we will receive state funding of roughly $5950 per student enrolled, we need to hire staff and upfit a facility before we begin enrolling students.

How you can help…
A. Donate
B. Tell others about Hope Academy and ask them to donate.
C. Help us plan fundraising events and write grant proposals.

Develop a vibrant board and auxiliary teams

editorial2How you can help…
A. Attend a Launch Team meeting to meet other folks committed to making this happen. Launch Team Meeting Schedule
B. Consider joining our board.
C. Volunteer on one of our auxiliary teams: Application, Fundraising/Finances, Facility, Communication, Board Development.